The Fairbanks Amateur Hockey Association's philosophy is to promote the growth of ice hockey and to provide the best possible experience for all participants by encouraging, developing, advancing, and administering the sport.

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FAHA - Contact List
Position Name Phone Email
President Mike Steffey  
Vice-President / Safe-Sport Coordinator Dave Szumigala  
Vice-President / House Vacant    
Secretary Anna Culley (907) 322-7633
Treasurer Karesa Kramer (907) 378-1285
Ice Scheduler Kim Griffith (907) 388-3631
Registrar Joan Hancock (907) 378-5699
6U Ice Dragons Division Director Hockey Club Fairbanks      
8U Mighty Knights Division Director Hockey Club Fairbanks    
Tier III Division Director Audra Brase (907) 590-0111
Tier IV Division Director Anna Culley (907) 322-7633
Coaching Coordinator Ben Hancock  


FAHA General Board
Eric Allers  
Audra Brase  
Anna Culley
Executive and Finance Committee
Nikki Garcia  
Joan Hancock  
Karesa Kramer Executive and Finance Committee
Fredrick Morrison  
Shannon Slater Executive and Finance Committee
Jami Spears  
Mike Steffey
Executive and Finance Committee
Dave Szumigala  Executive Committee
Nicole Valentine  
    Alaska State Hockey Association Representatives
Name Phone Email  
Mike Steffey     
Voluntary Staff
Position Name Phone Email
Bylaws Committee Chair Vacant  
FAHA Coaching Coordinator    
FAHA Referee Liaison Andrew Culley (907) 322-8440
Concession Stand Manager Chris Steffey (907) 456-8534 
Equipment Manager    
FAHA Webmaster Joan Hancock  
FAHA House Tournament Director Vacant  
Disciplinary Committee
Disciplinary Chair Dave Szumigala  
Member Doug Gillam  
Member Jim Culley  
Member Ben Hancock  
Member Keith Bartusch  
 Program Ice Schedulers
House Program Kim Griffith (907)388-3631